Having a mobile business application makes it easier for customers to interact with your company. But successfully launching a mobile application is not the whole story, it is only the beginning. After launching your mobile application, you have to make sure that it keeps running successfully and smoothly. You need to hire an expert mobile app developer to not only develop and launch your application but to maintain it as well.

With developments in technology and ever-changing user demands, you have to incorporate the latest features in your application. An Android app developer or an IOS app developer must be employed to carry out maintenance services to make sure the application is up-to-date and fulfilling consumer demands.

App maintenance is a long-term continuous aspect of mobile app development. It means regularly checking for any problems in the apps and fixing these problems, incorporating new cutting-edge technology and updating the features of the apps, sustaining the app’s performance, and so much more.

This article highlights the reasons why app maintenance is important and why investing in it will give you long-term benefits.

  • Fixing Bugs:

For the proper functioning of the app, it is important to tackle any bugs that the app might face. When there is proper app maintenance, such bugs can be detected and fixed quickly. Many factors can cause bugs in an app, like platform updates, unforeseen user behaviors, previous or new undetected issues in code, etc. All these bugs can harm the users’ experience when they are using your application. 62% of people uninstall an app if it causes their mobile to freeze or crash.

Without proper app maintenance, it will take longer to detect these bugs. If such bugs are not fixed on time, they can turn into bigger issues that are more costly to tackle. So to save money in the long run and avoid poor user experience, regular app maintenance is a must.

  • Improved User Interface:

The two most famous mobile operating systems are Android and IOS. The user interfaces for Android users and IOS users are completely different. The success, good reputation, and higher rating of a mobile app are strongly dependent on its user interface. By using the services of an expert Android app developer and IOS app developer, you can make sure that the user interface of your mobile application is updated and improved.

Users’ expectations and demands are constantly changing with changes and advancements in technology. If the users feel your app does not have the latest features or some bug is making it slow, they will not use your app anymore. For instance, many users uninstall an app where the registration or sign-up process is too complex and lengthy. But with regular app maintenance, you can not only avoid this unfortunate situation but also keep enhancing the user interface with time.

  • Keep Up With Upgrading Operating Systems:

The two most famous mobile operating systems (OS), as mentioned above, are Android and Apple. These operating systems upgrade themselves regularly. This means when the mobile app developer developed your mobile app, it was compatible with the operating system at that time. But now, as the operating system will update itself, your mobile app might not be compatible with the recent update. In some extreme cases, the mobile app might completely stop working after a recent operating system update.

There is no way you can avoid this situation because operating systems regularly update to integrate the latest technologies and developments to enhance user experience and satisfaction. So you need regular maintenance in your Android app development and IOS app development to keep up with the upgrades.

  • Always Ready To Renovate:

If you think you will use the same mobile app forever, you are seriously mistaken. The advancements in tech are quicker than we realize. An app that seems helpful today may become outdated and useless in a few months. You must always be ready to renovate your app to meet consumer expectations and adapt to new technologies. This is only possible with regular app maintenance.

According to estimates, if 71% of users don’t find an installed app useful, they delete it from their mobile within 90 days. This is a very narrow time window to add new and upgraded features to your mobile app and make it appealing to the users. If you have a running app maintenance setup, however, you will overcome this problem easily.

App maintenance is not only related to constant upgrading, but it also means removing unnecessary functions, eliminating obsolete features, freeing up space, etc. 50.6% of users uninstall apps that take up too much space on their devices.

  • Prevent Cyber-Attacks:

The advancement in technology has also led to new kinds of cyber-attacks. Mobile apps are also not immune to cyber threats. If your mobile app faces a cyber-attack, it will harm your company’s reputation and also put people’s confidential data at risk. Regular app maintenance is the best way to avoid such cyber-attacks to happen. 29.6% of uninstallations are a result of a privacy or security issue. By integrating security, you develop the users’ trust in your app.

  • Improvement in Software Libraries:

Software libraries are pre-written code, configuration, or routine that is considered during the mobile app development process. These software libraries help in determining the behavior of the apps after they are launched. These libraries help with things like text communication protocols, designing graphics, etc. But these libraries are not forever, they can get outdated quickly. As you can guess, if a mobile app has outdated software libraries, it affects its functionality. To make sure that the app’s performance is optimal, the app developer must constantly keep checking and updating the software libraries. With proper app maintenance, this can be done promptly.

  • Cost Efficiency:

Without regular app maintenance, a seemingly small bug can turn into a bigger problem in no time. And this bigger problem will not only be harder to tackle, but it will also use more money and time. Even though there is a cost of regular maintenance, it is far less than addressing a security breach, rectifying a major flaw, redeveloping parts of the app due to negligence, etc. Hence, there is no doubt that it is much more cost-efficient. It also adds to operational excellence. The benefits of regular app maintenance like minimal downtime, higher availability, smoother operational experience, etc. increase users’ trust.


If you have a mobile business app, you might be wondering how you can keep running it smoothly. App maintenance allows you to achieve this goal. With app maintenance, you can quickly fix any bugs in the app; prevent security breaches, save money in the long run, etc. After reading this article, you will be convinced to hire an expert mobile app developer for app maintenance services. Fill out this online form and get in contact with an expert now!

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