Nowadays, we can hardly go a few days without talking about technological advancements. One of the most commonly discussed aspects of technology is web development. The reason is that website development is important for businesses and developers alike. Businesses need to know what upcoming trends in e-commerce website development and web development services they must be aware of so that they can keep their business website up to date. Similarly, developers must keep an eye on upcoming trends to gain relevant skills and knowledge.

No business can ignore the demands and needs of users related to a business’s website. For example, mobile-friendly websites are crucial nowadays because 50% of web traffic is generated by mobile users and 85% of people say that modern websites must be mobile-friendly. So how can you ignore such a huge number of potential consumers? That’s why the right thing to do is to make your website mobile-friendly. Thus, businesses and developers want to keep up with the trends in web development so that they can adopt new ways and keep users happy.

So here is our guide for web development trends you should expect in 2024.

1) AI Chatbots:

AI has been the talk of the year 2023, but don’t think the tech industry will be over it any time soon. By analyzing data, AI can produce human-like results without complex programming and coding. In the coming year, the use of AI chatbots will significantly increase, making it easier for users to connect with businesses on their websites. Technicians use natural language processing (NLP) to understand and use language and work with software. This results in AI chatbots, translators, and assistants. The reason why this will be a huge trend in web development in 2024 is because language and communication barriers can easily be broken with this technology.

In 2024, you will see every business will have a live AI chatbot or assistant to help users with all the basic queries, and users will order from a website that is not even in their language because it would be translated according to their language preferences in real-time. AI support will be available 24/7; AI will even help users with booking appointments and making smart decisions based on its recommendations. Chatbots will see a 24.9% growth rate.

2) Internet of Things:

IoT or the Internet of Things simply refers to a network of physical devices that are connected to the internet. These devices can collect and exchange data easily. And since more people and organizations than ever before look forward to connecting their devices to the internet of course, in the coming year we will see IoT’s huge impact on web development. The reason is that it comes with great features. It is not merely to collect data, but IoT allows you to monitor systems and remotely control the devices. You might have an automated technology in your house like a thermostat control that you can control even when you are not at home through your phone; this is the prime example of IoT.

However, businesses are trying to use IoT for bigger things like remotely controlling their business operations to ensure efficiency and quality all the time. In 2024 there will be many IoT-enabled web applications and websites. Estimates show that by 2025 IoT will encompass 75 billion devices worldwide.

3) Serverless Architecture:

With technologies like cloud computing, the web development process has become much more convenient for web developers. It’s also beneficial for businesses, as 69% of businesses have already adopted cloud computing. So in the future, serverless architecture will keep making waves. During the web development process, developers need a physical server, but cloud computing removes the need for a physical server.

So not only does cloud computing reduce the unnecessary responsibilities of web developers, but serverless architecture also offers greater flexibility, efficiency, scalability, reliability, and security for web developers. So the whole process of web development and deployment becomes much smoother. More and more organizations will opt for cloud computing in 2024 because it ensures ease of use, increased user engagement, and increased cybersecurity, which are all the things an organization desires.

4) Immersive 3D Experience:

Imagine a website where the viewer is not just a mere spectator but gets to interact with the website to get real-time responses and have a fully interactive experience never imagined before. This is possible by using technologies like WebXR, WebGL, and WebAssembly to create immersive 3D web applications. Companies want users to engage with their content interactively and break traditional boundaries. That is why companies will include 3D experiences as a must part of their web development in 2024.

Virtual reality and augmented reality will overlay, enhancing the physical environment for users and evolving the web into a multidimensional and dynamic playground. Transitioning from two-dimensional to three-dimensional digital spaces will open a world of possibilities and change the way people shop.

5) Progressive Web Apps:

In 2024, you will see progressive web apps getting a lot of attention. Businesses and organizations want to deliver reliable, engaging, and fast web experiences to their users, and PWAs can help achieve this goal. With PWAs, users can get an app-like experience directly from their browsers without installing an actual app.

Useful features of PWAs include push notifications, offline functionality, and rapid loading times. Thus, PWAs will keep gaining momentum and blurring the lines between native applications and the web. This will lead to an increase in the market value of PWAs up to $10.44 billion by 2027.

The world of tech and web development is ever-changing, with new trends coming to the surface every year. By reading this article, you will now be completely aware of the web development trends you will see everywhere in 2024. If you want to keep up with the latest trends and optimize your website, contact us today!

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