Christmas is just around the corner which means it is time to spruce up your stores both physical and virtual to get a share of the Christmas shopping revenue. Updating your web design according to significant holidays and events sends a positive message to consumers. They realize that you care about important days and have a proactive approach towards running your business.

According to 38.5% of web designers customers are quick to leave outdated websites. Thus, it is safe to say that tweaking your website for the holidays will reduce the bounce rate and thereby increase conversions.

Christmas is perhaps the most profitable time for businesses as everyone is shopping for gifts, which makes it important to send a festive message by decorating your website to attract more buyers. If you think it’s too late to do so now, think again. Last-minute Christmas shopping has become a trend. There are still plenty of customers for you to convert to meet and exceed your yearly financial goals. So, without further ado, let’s explore some last-minute simple, easy, and quick ideas to decorate your website for Christmas.

  • Display Warm Holiday Wishes:

When a visitor lands on your website, they should get a warm welcome and to achieve that you can display positive holiday wishes and festive graphics on the homepage to welcome visitors and wish them well for the holidays and New Year.

  • Update The Hero Image:

When visitors land on your website, the hero image is the first thing their eyes will land on. It is crucial to upgrade and change your hero image according to the festive season so it can grab more attention, maintain a positive image, and put your visitors into a buying mood.

  • Use A Christmas Slider:

A slider is, as the name suggests, an image that constantly rotates. It serves as a product carousel. For businesses that have to showcase their products and relevant content, using a slider is a must. Since a slider is there to attract customers’ attention, it is the best place to show your holiday excitement by making it Christmas-themed.

Usually, sliders are placed near the top of the web page and when they have a Christmas theme, there is a higher chance of people clicking on the products and holiday-related content on it. If you are offering a sale for Christmas or a special deal, this is the best way to display that and increase the chances of conversions.

  • Update Your Logo Design:

Company logos often become a brand’s basic identity and people start recognizing a brand by its logo more than its name. That’s why it’s important to keep updating your business logo according to significant holidays like Christmas. You don’t have to design a completely new logo every time, just tweak the existing logo design a little to make it more festive.

Google Doodles are a great example of this. You don’t have to rebrand, change the brand’s message, etc. just simply use your creativity and tweak your logo to convey the holiday spirit to your customers.

  • Let It Snow:

To have a festive web design you don’t have to do everything from scratch and revamp everything on your website. There are some simple and quick ideas to add a festive touch like adding a snowy effect to your website. Every time Christmas is mentioned, we automatically imagine snow, so a snow scene is the best way to convey your holiday spirit to customers. There are tons of plugins that you can be used to achieve this effect.

  • Display A Countdown For Christmas:

Countdowns give off a sense of urgency and this is exactly what you need to attract last-minute shoppers. A countdown creates a sense of urgency amongst visitors showcasing there is limited time left to buy their Christmas gifts, so they get delivered on time. Not only can you add a holiday-themed countdown, but you can also design it in different ways. Furthermore, countdowns are a great way to deliver your holiday message while also encouraging the customers to buy products.

  • Change Your Website’s Colors:

Decorating is all about colors and visuals. 39% of consumers say the most important element of web design for them is the website’s colors. So if you are going to decorate your website for Christmas, it better be decorated with all the colors specific holiday season. The prominent color choices are white, red, gold, green, and blue. Incorporate these colors throughout your website like in the sidebar, image descriptions, etc. Also, you can highlight important information in green or red boxes, that way the information will grab customers’ attention.

  • Add Christmas Graphics:

You can add Christmas-related graphics to your website to completely change its whole vibe. Many things represent and remind us of Christmas like stockings, pine trees, golden bells, twinkling lights, snowflakes, Santa hats, etc. You can use graphics of such things throughout your website to decorate it for the holiday and set a festive mood.

Decorate your website for Christmas while keeping your customers, business preferences, branding, content, and target audience in mind. If you were too busy to update your web design for Christmas, it’s not too late. There are many last-minute ideas that you can use. If you need help with your web design for Christmas, contact us right now!

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