Vehicle Tracking Application


This application is a cutting-edge tracking application designed to provide real-time location sharing and fleet management capabilities. By leveraging advanced technology and integrating with tracking devices installed in vehicles, it enables fleet administrators to efficiently monitor and track their fleet’s movements, improving operational efficiency and ensuring timely deliveries.

and tools


The objective was to develop a tracking application that would enable real-time location sharing and provide fleet administrators with valuable statistics from tracking devices integrated with vehicle engines. The goal was to streamline fleet management processes, enhance communication, and optimize logistical operations.

Taxi Sharing Application

Project Solution

This was developed as a comprehensive vehicle tracking application, incorporating advanced technologies and seamless integration with tracking devices. Through its user-friendly interface, real-time tracking capabilities, and valuable statistics, the application revolutionizes fleet management and logistics operations.


This Application has successfully revolutionized vehicle tracking and fleet management, providing real-time location sharing, comprehensive fleet statistics, and efficient administration tools. By leveraging advanced technologies and seamless integration with tracking devices, the application has enhanced fleet visibility, optimized operational efficiency, and improved security and safety within the logistics industry. & it continues to empower fleet administrators in achieving efficient logistics operations and delivering exceptional customer service.